Play with the Devil with the 666 Betting System in Roulette

Roulette is a fairly safe live casino game where players are presented with multiple ways of winning, making this an excellent game for many different players. The payouts can vary depending on which bet is placed, with the safest ones being the 1:1 payout outside bets and the hardest bets being straight up bets with a whopping 35:1 payout. Different betting systems exist to try and take advantage of certain game mechanics to allow the player to win more, with some existing solely for roulette.

666 Roulette System

The 666 roulette system is an aggressive betting system where players will need to stake a total of 66 units per game round. Because one unit isn’t always worth PHP1, this strategy can quickly drain a gambler’s bankroll if their funds are limited. This is especially the case with Evolution Gaming’s roulette tables that has PHP5 as the lowest possible bet and PHP50 as the highest minimum bet.

What is the 666 Roulette System?

This system got its name from the Devil’s Wheel which is the nickname of the roulette wheel because the sum of all its numbers add up to 666. The 666 roulette system is a betting system that aims to cover as many pockets as possible and staking 66 units to achieve this.

666 Bet on Red

This system shows how risky this system is simply through the fact that 66 units are at risk and there is still a chance for a gambler to lose everything.

How Does the 666 System Work?

The 666 roulette system normally looks like this:

  • Step 1: Bet 36 units on black or red.
  • Step 2: Bet 4 units each on the following split bets:
  • 4 units on 0|2
  • 4 units on 8|11
  • 4 units on 10|13
  • 4 units on 17|20
  • 4 units on 26|29
  • 4 units on 28|31
  • Step 3: Bet 2 units on three numbers that aren’t covered by the first two steps.

In here, the player can either bet 36 units on either black or red. When betting on red, players will be able to cover as many pockets as possible since all of the split bets cover black pockets and the Green Zero. Using this ensures that only a few black pockets aren’t covered.

An alternative can look like the image below:

666 Bet on Black

This version covers fewer pockets that allows players to potentially win from both a 1:1 and 17:1 payout bet while furthering increasing the risk of losing. Because the 666 system is meant to cover as many pockets as possible, sticking to red for Step 1 is probably the correct use of this betting system.

Goal of the 666 Roulette System

Suppose one unit is PHP1, using this system allows the player to win one of the following amounts:

  • PHP72 on outside bet winning
  • PHP68 on split bets
  • PHP70 on straight up bets

The payouts are measly since bettors will be staking 66 units for a profit of two, four, or six units while risking 66 units. Because of this, the 666 roulette system can be considered as a high risk low reward system, unless the player have a substantial bankroll and have units being worth hundreds of pesos per unit.

When players get lucky with this system and get multiple winning streaks, they can have a semi-consistent profit of a few units until they lose. Losses will be even more infrequent when they get lucky, unless the devil wants to play tricks on them and give them a really terrible luck.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 666 Betting system

Advantages of the 666 Strategy

  • Simple to Implement: This system is fairly simple and players can just click on rebet to keep on playing this even on fast-paced roulette games.
  • Fairly Consistent Wins: In ideal circumstances, the 666 Strategy can yield significant profits bit-by-bit. This system covers as many numbers as possible to reduce the chances of a player losing money.

Disadvantages of the 666 Strategy

  • Reliance on Chance: Even if this system covers as many pockets as possible, it is still reliant on chance since there is always a chance that the ball lands in an uncovered pocket.
  • Risk of Heavy Losses: The fact that this system requires the player to risk 66 units is a disadvantage enough especially when they lose all of it.
  • Low Returns: This roulette betting system promises very low returns that can only be offset by adjusting how much a single betting unit is worth.

What Games to Avoid when Using the 666 System

This betting system is best played in European or French Roulette tables because they lack the Double Zero that American Roulette has. Needless to say, it is advisable to avoid using American and Triple Zero Roulette when playing with the 666 system due to how riskier it is because of the additional pockets.

Double Ball Roulette

In addition to this, it is inadvisable to play Double Ball Roulette using this betting system due to how the game works. The outside bets work differently and the inside bets pay out less than what regular tables pay out; even the straight up bet’s payout is halved. Double Ball’s unique game mechanics make it incompatible with the 666 roulette system.


The 666 roulette system is an extremely risky betting system that might not be suitable for all players. Not only does this system risk a lot of money, but it also promises small returns per win and not all players may have the necessary bankroll to even attempt one try of this system.

Red Door Roulette

Players who’ll try this in Evolution Gaming’s roulette tables will need to risk at least PHP330 per round and more if they don’t like Auto Roulette or Instant Roulette. Opting for Red Door or Gold Vault to have a small chance of winning with the built-in multipliers with the three straight up bets is the better choice for players, but they’ll need at least PHP660 in the bankroll to try one spin of the wheel.

Anyone who want to try the 666 betting system in Betso88 online casino should only do so if they have a bankroll in the few thousands or at least 10k so they won’t immediately lose a lot of money if they get unlucky.

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