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Boxing King

The JILI Boxing King Slot game is an ancient slot game. Boxing King Slot Machine lets you win in 88 different ways, and the extra round can be worth up to 2000 times your bet. You can play the Boxing King Slot Machine in demo mode at Betso88. This way, you can easily win real money and get free spins to win jackpot payouts.

Game Rules Overview

boxing king slot game rules

The most popular Boxing King Slot Machine from JILI games in 2021 is the one with the Boxing King theme. Free games come in two different types, and you can get both Free Spins and Scatters. When you get to the scatter part, you can get up to five rounds of free spins through combos or multipliers. 

There’s also a chance to win great prizes inside the game. In King of Boxing slots, there is a bell-shaped Free Spins sign that can be used instead of any other symbol (except the Scatter symbol). Keys that look like free spins will let you play for free. Or for nothing. There are big gifts to be won, like Mega Win, Super Win, and Super Mega Win.

People can wager from 1 peso to 1000 pesos in the Boxing King betting game. The goal is to get winning combos by matching three symbols in a row, from left to right, starting with the first reel. The payout is found by increasing the player’s bet by a certain number. There are 88 paylines, but only the one that gives you the best score will be paid out. If any mistakes happen that make it impossible to come to a clear conclusion, the game is ruled illegal.

Free Game – Combo Multiplier

It shows the “combo multiplier” as x2, x3, x5, x6, and x8.

The present “combo multiplier” will be used to multiply the points won for each clear.

Each spin’s “second clear” has a number that starts at x2.

For “the third clear” of each spin, the multiplier goes up to three times the value.

For “the fourth clear” of each spin, the multiplier goes up to x5.

For “the fifth clear” of each spin, the multiplier goes up to x6.

For “the sixth or after clear” of each spin, the multiplier is raised to its final value of x8.

It starts over with the “combo multiplier” set to x2 if the person doesn’t win any points.

Free Fame – Free Spin

When there is a free game going on, if Free Spin is won during the current spin, it will stay in place until no more clears can be made. The person will then get more free games based on how many symbols they get. For the next spin, the number starts over.

Each reel only gets one free spin, for a total of five.

The number of free games won is equal to the number of free spin symbols earned.

Ace 1 or 11
Face Cards (King, Queen, Jack)10
Number CardsValue written on the cards

Free Spin x1 = 1 round

Free Spin x2 = 2 rounds

Free Spin x3 = 3 rounds

Free Spin x4 = 4 rounds

Free Spin x5 = 5 rounds

Wild Feature

Wild Feature is a dynamic element in the game that possesses the unique ability to substitute for any symbol except Scatter and Free Spin. During regular gameplay, the Wild symbol emerges on the 3rd and 4th reels, enhancing the potential for winning combinations. In the context of a free game, the Wild extends its influence across the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels, providing even more opportunities for players to secure wins by replacing other symbols on the reels.

Scatter Feature

  • Scatter X3 = 8 rounds
  • Scatter X4 = 12 rounds
  • Scatter X5 = 20 rounds

In the Scatter feature gaming scenario, players gain access to a complimentary round when three or more Scatter symbols materialize. During this free game, points are accrued by multiplying the player’s bet by a factor of 2. Notably, Scatters do not make an appearance within the confines of the free games, offering a distinctive gameplay experience.


  • Fun and exciting theme
  • Engaging features
  • Good payouts
  • Fair RTP
  • Mobile compatible


  • It may not appeal to everyone
  • Can be addictive

Boxing King Slot Machine Chart Payouts

boxing king slot payouts

How to Win Boxing King Slot Machine

how to win boxing king slot

Strategic gameplay is essential for the JILI Boxing King Slot Machine’s success. From the first reel to the last, symbols must be aligned three times to win, with wager ranging from 1 to 1000 pesos. The highest scoring payline of the 88 determines your reward, with points equal to the multiplier times your initial bet. In ordinary play, the Wild Feature replaces any symbol on the 3rd and 4th reels; in the free game, it expands to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels. Getting three or more Scatter symbols lets you enter the free game and win twice your bet.

Where can I Play the JILI Boxing King Slot Game Online?

play boxing king slot game online

The JILI Boxing King slot machine game at Betso88 Online Casino is interesting. Betso88 is a great place to learn how to play and get better because it is easy to use and offers a variety of gaming options. You can play fun slot games with Wild Features for free. You can register to play the Betso88 slot game and come up with strategies. Betso88 lets you play the exciting JILI Boxing King slot game online.


The volatility of Boxing King is medium.

Yes, Boxing King is a fun and exciting slot game with a classic fruit theme. The game has a high RTP and a free spins bonus round, which makes it a great option for players who are looking for a chance to win big.

Yes, Boxing King is mobile-compatible and can be played on smartphones and tablets.


Boxing King, available on Betso88, is a slot machine game that is both engaging and well-designed, providing players with an experience that is both enjoyable and rewarding. Fans of online slots will find it to be an excellent option on Betso88 due to its captivating theme, appealing characteristics, and fantastic rewards. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of casino games on Betso88 and discover the thrill of playing Boxing King for an exhilarating and rewarding gaming experience.

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