Live Dragon Tiger | What is it and How to Play Dragon Tiger 

Dragon Tiger is essentially a slimmed-down version of baccarat, which means that this game is even simpler compared to baccarat. This is usually called two-card baccarat due to the fact that its rules are extremely similar to that of baccarat except that only two cards are drawn per round. Standard Dragon Tiger games typically use 5-8 decks consisting of 52 playing cards each.

Dragon tiger

While baccarat is already a simple game for beginners, Dragon Tiger is effectively better because it has even simpler rules. First-time gamers registered at Betso88 casino can easily get started with this game until they’re confident enough to play more complicated card games, including blackjack and poker.

Dragon Tiger Vs. Baccarat: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between these two Betso88 live casino games is in their respective rulesets. A single baccarat round can have 4-6 cards drawn per round while a single Dragon Tiger round only has two cards drawn. The goal is the same; players must guess correctly which side will have a higher card value.

While the two games are similar, there are certain differences on the rules, available bets, and card values.

How to Play Dragon Tiger | Betting Rules

The rules that players must keep in mind when playing Dragon Tiger are the following:

  • Players win on the Dragon Bet when the Dragon position has the higher hand
  • Players win on the Tiger Bet when the Tiger position has the higher hand
  • Players who bet on either Dragon or Tiger lose half their bets when both positions are tied
  • Players win on the Tie Bet when both positions are tied

The fundamental rules are the same as that of baccarat rules so veteran baccarat players won’t get confused with different gameplay rules. The card values have more differences when comparing Dragon Tiger with baccarat.

Dragon Tiger Card Values

In Baccarat, the number cards have the same value as their number except 10s that have a value of “0” since the first digit of the two-digit numbers are dropped and only the second digit is read. A 4 of Clubs is read as “04” and only the second digit is read and a 10 of Diamonds is read as “10” and the first digit is dropped and only the second digit is read. The face cards are also counted as “0” like how 10s are counted.

The card values of Dragon Tiger are different and the card values are read as following:


As seen in the table above, the maximum card value is up to 13, instead of baccarat’s 9. Dragon Tiger’s card values read from 1 to 13, with the Ace being the lowest ranking card and the King being the highest ranking one. It’s easier to understand here why the player won or lost their bets since they won’t have to worry about third card drawing rules.

Dragon Tiger Bets

Pragmatic Play Dragon Tiger bets

Dragon Tiger is a simple game with a limited number of bets due to how simple it is. Some tables only have three bets, namely the Dragon, Tiger, and Tie bets while others also have the Suited Tie bet, and others still might feature extensive side bets focusing on the suit or value of the card drawn. Some of these bets are the following:

  • Dragon – win if the Dragon side has a higher value card than the Tiger side
  • Tiger – win if the Tiger side has a higher value card than the Dragon side
  • Tie – win if both sides have the same card value drawn
  • Suited Tie – win if both sides have the same card with the same value and suit drawn
  • Tiger Red – win if the Tiger side is dealt a red card
  • Tiger Black – win if the Tiger side is dealt a black card
  • Dragon Red – win if the Dragon side is dealt a red card
  • Dragon Black – win if the Dragon side is dealt a black card
  • Tiger Big – win if the Tiger side is dealt an eight or higher and lose if seven or lower is dealt
  • Tiger Small – win if the Tiger side is dealt a six or lower and lose if seven or higher is dealt
  • Dragon Big – win if the Dragon side is dealt an eight or higher and lose if seven or lower is dealt
  • Dragon Small – win if the Dragon side is dealt a six or lower and lose if seven or higher is dealt

Baccarat tables will typically only have Player, Banker, and Tie bets available with slightly different side bets, including Big, Small, Bonus, Super 6, and other side bets.

Dragon Tiger Payouts

Baccarat bets have many different payouts, with the Banker Bet even having a lower payout than the Player Bet. In Dragon Tiger, both the Dragon and Tiger bets have the same payout so players won’t have to worry about getting charged a commission when betting on either Dragon or Tiger. The other payouts for the common bets are the following:

Tie8:1 or 11:1
Suited Tie50:1

Some Dragon Tiger tables feature the same payout for its Tie bet as baccarat’s, while others have a higher payout of 11:1. This makes a winning Tie bet even more profitable. The payout differences are there, but they aren’t that significant enough to be confusing for baccarat players.

Different Dragon Tiger Games

Dragon Tiger is essentially a simpler baccarat game and is an extremely beginner-friendly card game. One’s chances of winning are nearly 50/50 and the Tie bet being the only complication. Players can employ the same strategies they use at baccarat tables, regardless of which gaming provider developed the specific table game. Additionally, gaming providers can only offer so much to give Dragon Tiger a unique twist. The number of available game variations will be extremely limited with only Evolution Gaming offering additional titles.

Evolution Gaming offers three titles, which are the following:

  • Dragon Tiger
  • Football Studio
  • Emperor Dragon Tiger

Football Studio is the only variation with a unique rule that differentiates it from Dragon Tiger. The difference is that the Ace is considered as the highest value card and the lowest value is a 2 and Dragon and Tiger being called Home and Away. That’s it. Other providers will only make their own Dragon Tiger games unique by offering additional side bets.

Dream Gaming and Pragmatic Play introduces the following side bets:

  • Big/Small – Bet on the corresponding side to have a hand with a card value of 8 and up or 7 and below.
  • Black/Red – Bet on the corresponding side to have a black or red card.
  • Odd/Even – Bet on the corresponding side to have an odd or even card.

The payouts they offer are different from one another, with Pragmatic Play offering 1:1 payout side bets while Dream Gaming offers lower payout side bets.

How to Win: Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks

Evolution Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a simple game where players can simply win by betting on Dragon or Tiger. Thinking Dragon vs. Tiger and pondering which one to play is rather pointless since the payouts are basically the same. The top game winning tricks will largely be the same with that of baccarat, with some extremely minor differences.

Use the One-Sided Betting System

The one-sided betting system is a system where players will simply stick to either the Dragon or Tiger bet. Players can opt to switch bets when they lose to try and have a winning streak with the other bet. The payouts for both bets are the same, so there’s no worry of getting paid out less like in baccarat where the Banker bet charges a 5% commission.

Use the Flat Betting Strategy

Flat betting is betting only a fixed amount of money for a certain period of time. This helps manage a player’s losses by limiting how much a player will risk. The Flat Betting system is ideal to be used in conjunction with the One-Sided system, regardless of the bet chosen.

Avoid the Tie and Suited Tie Bets

The Tie bets are extremely attractive bets that feature high payouts and low odds of winning. The high payout can let players win back their losses or substantially increase their winnings. Still, it’s important that players avoid the Tie bet like a plague due to how unlikely they are to pay out. If players still want to risk winning a high payout bet, then they should only do it occasionally.

Manage Your Bankroll

It’s important that gamblers learn to manage their bankrolls effectively, especially on simple games where players can get carried away chasing their losses. Bankroll management effectively limits how much players will lose when playing in online casinos.

Players must set aside a certain budget that’s specifically allotted for casino gaming and set aside a bankroll and how much they’ll bet per stake to limit their losses.


Dragon Tiger is a simple casino card game where players bet on the outcome of the Dragon and Tiger positions. Players must guess whether the Dragon or Tiger side will be dealt the highest value card.

To bet on Dragon Tiger, players must choose between Dragon vs Tiger on which side will have the highest value hand. Players also have the option to place Tie and Suited Tie bets, depending on the Dragon Tiger table they’re playing.

Unlike in baccarat, Dragon Tiger card values are counted from 1 to 13. Aces are valued as 1, number cards have the same value as what’s indicated in the card, and Jack, Queen, and king are valued 11, 12, and 13 respectively.

Players can win at Dragon Tiger most of the time by sticking to either Dragon or Tiger bets and avoiding Tie bets completely. This is because Tie Bets have terrible odds.

The one-sided betting strategy is the most ideal betting strategy for Dragon Tiger since both Dragon and Tiger bets have the same payout.

Dragon Tiger is an excellent game to play for beginners due to its simple rules, which are even simpler to that of Baccarat. Players only need to bet on either Dragon or Tiger having the highest card value.


Dragon Tiger is an extremely simple game to play and is a good game for beginners to get started with. There are no complicated rules in the game and players won’t have to worry about lower payouts unlike with baccarat’s Banker bet.

First time gamers are advised to first play either baccarat or Dragon Tiger to get started with their casino gaming journeys. Both games feature simple gaming rules and Dragon Tiger’s rules are even simpler than what baccarat has. Once players have registered at Betso88 casino, they can start playing Evolution Gaming’s Dragon Tiger to have access to the high payout Tie and Suited Tie bets.

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