Exploring the Depths – A Guide to Fishing Game Adventures

Fishing Games

Fishing games at Betso88 online casinos are a popular type of online gambling that recreates the fishing experience. In these games, players find themselves in a virtual underwater world, tasked with catching various fish. The gameplay involves aiming and shooting using virtual tools like cannons or nets. Different fish carry different point values, earning players points or credits. These games boast lively graphics, realistic sounds, and sometimes animated underwater creatures. They may include special features such as power-ups or bonus rounds for added excitement.

The ultimate goal of playing fish shooting games is to capture Boss and Special Fishes to reap the high payout multipliers they have. Other fish symbols also have certain gimmicks that make them prime targets whenever they appear. What’s difficult with this game is how players should budget their bankrolls and bullets to ensure that they won’t burn their entire bankroll on low value fishes.

Splash & Win: Different Fishing Game Excitement

Splash & Win Different Fishing Game Excitement

Jackpot Fishing

Jackpot Fishing

Jackpot Fishing is an exciting multiplayer arcade game where players use guns to shoot fish, earning points and coins. The game features a variety of sea creatures, each with different point values. Special weapons and tools help catch larger fish for maximum points. What makes this game unique is its innovative jackpot system, providing players with the chance to win significant prizes.

The game includes a high-speed fishing feature, allowing players to hunt different fish types and increase their rewards. As more bets are made, the maximum jackpot grows, adding extra excitement to the gameplay.

Mega Fishing

Mega Fishing

The game Mega Fishing has left a significant mark in the casino entertainment world, offering gripping gameplay and the allure of substantial rewards. Its thrilling appeal attracts players to this exciting casino experience.

In Mega Fishing, players engage in virtual fishing adventures, casting their lines into digital waters to catch a variety of fish and underwater creatures. The game’s interactive and visually appealing interface plunges players into a vibrant underwater realm, featuring captivating graphics and realistic animations.

The main objective in Mega Fishing  is to capture as many fish as possible, each carrying its own point value. Snagging more fish not only boosts your score but also unveils hidden depths within the game.

Happy Fishing

Happy Fishing

Happy Fishing is a delightful casino game that provides extended entertainment and the chance to win exciting rewards. In this captivating game, players submerge themselves in a virtual underwater world, casting lines to capture various aquatic creatures and treasures. The game’s interactive design and appealing graphics deliver a lively and engaging gaming experience.

In Happy Fishing, players step into the shoes of anglers aiming to catch a diverse range of fish, each with its own unique point value. The more fish you successfully catch, the higher your score and potential rewards.

Royal Fishing

Royal Fishing

Royal Fishing is an engaging casino game that welcomes players to indulge in a lavish angling experience suitable for royalty. This fishing-themed game puts a royal spin on the traditional fishing encounter, offering entertainment, strategy, and the potential for princely rewards. Let’s delve into the magical realm of “Royal Fishing”:

In Royal Fishing, players are transported to a beautiful fishing spot adorned with luxurious scenery and elaborate surroundings. The game’s user interface is crafted to immerse players in a royal fishing escapade, featuring impressive graphics and captivating animations.

The main goal in Royal Fishing is to capture a variety of splendid fish, each displaying regal features and unique point values. The more fish you successfully catch, the higher your score and the greater your potential rewards.

Hook, Line, and Learn: The Art of Fishing Games

Hook, Line, and Learn The Art of Fishing Games
  1. Understanding Player Impact: While player skill’s impact on outcomes may be limited, there’s a strategic layer involved.
  2. Cannon Ammo as Currency: In these games, your cannon ammo is equivalent to money. Shooting fish costs money, and failure means losing both money and bullets.
  3. Last Shot Rewards: The player who lands the last shot on a fish claims all the rewards.
  4. Control Over Bullet Effectiveness: Players have control over bullet effectiveness. Starting with a standard rate of 1 shot to 1 bullet, players often increase it to 1:5, 1:20, or even 1:50.
  5. Higher Stakes at 1:50: At a 1:50 rate, the stakes are higher. Imagine firing a prolonged burst at this rate, only for the fish to escape.
  6. Key Aspects: Important components include different “tables” with varied admission requirements, using the main currency for continuous play, and the flexibility for players to join or leave a “table” without disrupting others’ games.

Optimizing Bullet Usage for Online Fishing Success

Optimizing Bullet Usage for Online Fishing Success_

In fish-shooting machines, points are earned by the number of bullets fired, and if a fish is successfully eliminated, you’ll recover the same number of bullets expended for each shot.

The following is the scoring:

  • Normal fish types: There are 2 to 10 bullet points for the number of points. In the game, larger fish like rays contribute 20 points, while sharks have a higher value of 30 points.
  • Mermaid: Color will be used to determine the score. Pink will be equivalent to points from 2 to 10, blue to 20 points, and red to 30 points. For bigger fish, the range will be between 50 and 60. 100 points each, up to 150.
  • Dragonfish, the most hazardous species that will have a score of 200, will be the last to appear.

Special Elements That Boost Fishing Game Thrills

Special Elements That Boost Fishing Game Thrills

Special Fish

  • Starfish (60x): When a Starfish disappears, it creates a swirling motion in the water around it. This swirl has the potential to capture and eliminate other fish nearby, offering you an opportunity to win additional prizes.
  • Bomb Crab (70x): Once a Bomb Crab is eliminated, it releases three bombs onto the stage. These bombs can capture and eliminate other fish in the explosions, increasing your chances of obtaining valuable rewards.
  • Drill Crab (20x-80x): When a Drill Crab is defeated, it drops a drill onto the stage. The drill bounces around, causing chaos and capturing fish in its path and final explosion. Utilize this moment to boost your winnings.

Special Weapon

  • Torpedoes: Enhances the power of your current weapon. These mighty weapons are effective against large fish and cost 6 times your current bet.
  • Electric Guns: These unique weapons are free and accumulate energy based on stakes spent. When fully charged, they can instantly eliminate fish.
  • Free Thunderbolt: Accumulate energy as you play. When the meter is full, release a potent thunderbolt attack covering a large area for substantial rewards.
  • Electromagnetic Cannon: Generates a powerful laser energy source.
  • Frozen: Instantly freezes all game creatures.

Immortal Boss

When encountering the Immortal Boss, continuously shoot to accumulate rewards. The more you engage, the greater the rewards you can amass, with the potential to win up to a maximum of 320x.

Awakened Boss

Once you defeat the Awakened Boss, it becomes active and aggressively targets other fish. The more fish it captures, the greater the rewards you’ll receive, with the chance to achieve a maximum winning of 600x. Utilize your shooting skills to maximize the benefits of this thrilling feature.

Tips for Playing Fishing Games

Tips for Playing Fishing Games

Efficient Bullet Firing Strategy: Reload and Increase Gradually

One effective tip for fish table games is to gradually increase bullets from 1 to more as you play. For instance, start with 1 bullet per fish for the first 10 fish, then increase gradually. The goal is to quickly increase bullets at the right time for attractive coin returns.

Timely Targeting: Shoot as Fish Leaves the Table

Shoot fish as they leave the table, as this is when many fish are vulnerable. Aiming accurately during this time, especially for small and medium fish, increases the chances of success.

Shooting Many Small Fish: Rotate and Fire Strategically

Rather than focusing solely on big fish, rotate the barrel around the table, firing each bullet in different directions. This strategy increases the probability of destroying small fish, leading to more coins.

Forward-Backward-Forward Strategy: Increase Success Against Big Fish

To effectively shoot down big fish, employ the forward-backward-forward strategy. Shoot continuously, slow down, then increase the firing speed when the fish weakens. This increases the chances of capturing big fish.

Speed Matters: Use Fast, Continuous, and Steady Shots

Shoot at a fast, continuous, and steady pace with a clear target. Start slow, then increase the firing speed to defeat big fish in the shortest time possible.

Use Different Bullet Types: Varied Bullets for All Fish

Employing various bullet types and continuous firing ensures the destruction of both small and big fish, resulting in a successful catch and more coins.

Shooting Solo and in Groups: Adjust Bullets Accordingly

When targeting single fish, use small bullets to avoid wastage. If a fish doesn’t succumb after 3-5 bullets, move on to another target. For a school of about 10 fish, choose higher-damage bullets and shoot 3-5 times for higher success rates.

Varied Bullets for Different Fish: Optimal Destruction

In the fish shooting game, use various bullets and continuous firing to attack both small and large fish simultaneously, ensuring a successful catch and coin yield.

Use Large Bullets: Identify and Shoot as Fish Appears

Identify the target and shoot as soon as the fish appears to have enough time to kill it before it swims out of the screen’s view.


Creatures like Starfish and Bomb Crab have special effects when defeated, creating opportunities to eliminate other fish and boost your chances of winning valuable prizes.

Focus on targeting high-value fish, utilize special weapons strategically, and explore unique game features for enhanced rewards.

Special weapons can be game-changers, offering advantages against large fish or triggering powerful effects. Torpedoes boost power, while railguns can create chain lightning for extra rewards.

Boss-level fish, like the Drill Crab, may require specific weapons or tactics for maximum rewards. Experiment with different approaches and observe the most effective methods.

Collect energy by playing, and when the meter is full, unleash powerful attacks like the Free Thunderbolt. This can clear a large area, capturing numerous fish and increasing your rewards.


Embark on an exciting fishing adventure at Betso88 and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of fishing games. With a variety of unique features, special weapons, and captivating creatures, the gameplay offers endless entertainment. Explore different strategies, aim for high-value targets, and strategically use powerful weapons to maximize your rewards. Join the fun at Betso88 for a rewarding and enjoyable fishing experience!