Dive into Fun with Happy Fishing – Your Ultimate Online Adventure!

Step into the world of Happy Fishing! This enjoyable online fishing game, crafted by JILI Gaming, promises a great time. While playing, you can look for special types of fish, like the exciting exploding crabs. The game is made even better with extra features and amazing visual effects.

Happy Fishing

Join the game to experience the thrill of this awesome fishing adventure. The great part is you can play it wherever and whenever you want, as long as you have an internet connection. And the best news is that you can start playing for free right here at Betso88.

What’s Happy Fishing?

Happy Fishing is a shooting game where you aim at fish, but it’s got a cool new look. It gives players a real and special betting time in the bright ocean. The people who made the game, JiLi, worked hard to create different features to make the game better and give users the most fun.

What's Happy Fishing

What makes this bonus game stand out from other money-making fishing games is the high bonus rate and the cool events and rewards. If you’re searching for a money-making fish shooting game that’s top-notch in quality and has great bonus levels, Happy Fishing is the one that can make you happy.

How to Play Happy Fishing

How to Play Happy Fishing

If you’re gearing up to play and want to understand the game better, here’s the detailed info you should know:

Game Rules

  • This game is pretty much like many other fishing slot games out there. Your main job is to keep playing, shoot regular fish, and the longer you play, the better rewards you’ll get.
  • As you go through the game, you’ll come across different features and get special rewards from the system.
  • Overall, playing is simple. You don’t have to learn complicated rules to easily get rewards.

Game Modes in Happy Fishing

To make the game easy for everyone, from beginners to experts, Happy Fishing currently offers three shooting modes:

Default Shooting Mode

In this mode, players can manually adjust the shot’s direction and bullet intensity continuously. You have control over your reward rate and can flexibly change the shot’s direction. However, it’s not ideal for new players who might find it hard to aim correctly and might lose bullets when they’re still getting used to it.

Auto-Lock Target Shooting Mode

With this mode, players can pick any target, and the system will automatically aim continuously for you. Once activated, the gun moves to the selected object’s location and keeps firing until it disappears. This mode is great for shooting bosses with a nearly 99% accuracy rate. The drawback is that you can’t continuously adjust the firing intensity.

Autofire Mode

This mode is for players who don’t have much time but still want a steady bonus rate. When activated, the system lets you choose the fish you want to summon, and it automatically searches for and aims at the selected objects. The advantage is that it saves time and effort, but the downside is that you can’t optimize the bonus percentage, and relying on it might make your skills less sharp.

Unique Weapons and Features in Happy Fishing

In the world of fishing slot games, the weapons and features a game offers play a big role in its popularity. Happy Fishing stands out with exciting features like:

Hunting the Immortal Sea King

This feature lets you go after and defeat big bosses to earn special reward chests from the system. To tackle these bosses effectively, use powerful guns or special weapons in the game.

Accumulate Energy, Explode with Power

During the game, the system gives you energy based on the number of creatures you eliminate. When the energy bar is full, the game triggers a bomb explosion, wiping out all creatures on the screen. Remember to use this feature within 3 minutes of reaching the energy threshold, and avoid leaving the server or changing betting halls, or the energy bar resets.

Lucky Wheel

Successfully defeating the Mega Octopus boss activates the lucky spin feature. The payouts from this feature are impressive, potentially reaching up to 950 times your stake.

Collect Unique Gift Chests

Defeating three bosses – the Giant Clownfish, Giant Angelfish, and Giant Puffer Fish – accumulates a bonus percentage. Once it reaches a specified level, the game allows you to open a chest with valuable rewards.

Unique Weapon System

Happy Fishing offers a diverse weapon system to enhance your gameplay and increase stable reward rates. These unique weapons include:

  • Torpedo: Boosts the power of your current weapon.
  • Electromagnetic Cannon: Creates a powerful laser energy source.
  • Frozen: Freezes all game creatures instantly.
  • Storm Starfish: Generates a potent bomb with tremendous destructive power.
  • Drill Crab: Releases high-spreading bombs, easily knocking out surrounding creatures.
  • Explosive Continuous Crab: Creates an extremely destructive impact when destroyed.

Properly using these weapons at the right time and place can be effective support, helping you achieve reasonable reward rates and reducing the pressure during gameplay.

Promotions in Happy Fishing

Promotions in Happy Fishing

As one of the main game features, this fish shooting game offers various special events where you can get rewards, including:

Top Racing for Good Gifts

In this event, all you need to do is shoot as many different creatures as possible within a set time. If you do well, the system will recognize you as a good player and put you on the list. The rewards you get depend on your skill and level, and if you achieve a high rank, the gifts will be even more impressive.

Explore the Ocean, Unlock Reward Chests

The longer you play and explore the game, the more likely you are to encounter rare creatures. Based on how many creatures you defeat, the game will give you special gift chests. So, the more creatures you take down, the more unique your rewards will be.

Weekly Quest Rewards

Every week, the system will give players specific tasks to complete. If you manage to finish them within the given time, you’ll receive impressive rewards from the game system. The tasks change regularly, providing users with a fresh and easier experience each time.

Happy Fishing Paytable

Happy Fishing Paytable

Tips for Easier Wins in Happy Fishing

Tips for Easier Wins in Happy Fishing

Even though the game demands some experience, knowing the four rules and these tips can significantly boost the bonus rate you receive.

Don’t Skip the Trial Mode

The first time you play, the system lets you access the beginner mode. It’s a chance to test your shooting skills and try out special features and weapons for free. Take the time to explore this feature and don’t miss out, as it helps you understand the game better when you start shooting fish in the betting system.

Avoid Overusing Automatic Fire Mode

With practice, your shooting skills will improve. While automatic shooting can save you effort, relying on it too much can limit your progress as a fish shooter. This mode doesn’t help you maximize the bonuses you can get during the game. So, be cautious if you plan to use it extensively.

Understand Each Unique Game Feature

The game is designed with many unique features to offer impressive bonuses. Understanding how these features work is crucial. Even if your shooting skills aren’t top-notch, knowing the ins and outs of these features ensures you won’t miss out on the bonuses they provide.

Don’t Hesitate to Invest in a Worthwhile Weapon

If you find yourself alone without teammates, consider investing in special weapons when facing a boss. It can help you take down the boss on your own, and sometimes, it’s worth the purchase.


When you first play the game, the system guides you to the beginner mode, allowing you to test your shooting skills and experience special features and weapons for free.

While the automatic shooting mode can save effort, overusing it for a long time may hinder your progress as a fish shooter. It’s recommended to use it cautiously.

If you find yourself alone without teammates, consider buying special weapons to take down the boss efficiently.

Understanding the game’s unique features is crucial. Even if your shooting skills are not advanced, knowing how these features work ensures you make the most of the bonuses they offer.


Happy Fishing, available on Betso88, offers a thrilling gaming experience with its unique features, weapons, and various events. To enhance your gameplay on Betso88, don’t skip the trial mode, avoid excessive reliance on automatic fire, and invest wisely in special weapons. Understanding the game’s unique features is key to maximizing your bonuses. Enjoy the underwater adventure on Betso88 and have a great time shooting fish in the exciting world of casino games.

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