Plunge into Majesty – Exploring the Enchanting World of Royal Fishing

Dive into the exciting underwater realm of Royal Fishing, a game developed by Jili Games and presented by Betso88. Prepare for an adventure where you explore the ocean depths, encounter different sea creatures, and try to win fantastic prizes.

Royal Fishing

In this game, your goal is to aim and shoot at fish to earn cool rewards. With awesome features, the more you play, the better your chances of winning big. Players enjoy it not only for its appealing visuals but also for special events that make winning rewards more achievable.

The creators have invested significant effort into every aspect of the game, ensuring it’s visually stunning. The effects create a realistic and enjoyable experience, even during extended play sessions.

Royal Fishing continually improves with more content and enhanced game design. Its 3D graphics transport you to a vast, mysterious ocean, providing an immersive experience. The focus on making fish and other sea creatures visually impressive adds to the overall appeal. In-game events provide quick opportunities to earn money, making it a good idea to jump in and start playing for some winnings.

Getting Started with Royal Fishing: A Quick Guide

Getting Started with Royal Fishing A Quick Guide



To enjoy Royal Fishing, grasp how the game works, place your bet, choose the paylines, and pick a game room. Check out our guide below to easily learn how to play Royal Fishing.

Understanding How to Play Royal Fishing

To begin, let’s break down the basic elements that make up Royal Fishing. These elements are essential to your success in the game:

Aiming with Precision (Auto Shoot)

In Royal Fishing, being accurate is important. With the auto-shoot feature, you can aim precisely. When you’re ready to fish, just pick your target, and the auto-shoot kicks in. This function keeps your bullets focused on your chosen fish until it either swims away or gets caught.

Choosing Your Weapon

Royal Fishing isn’t just about fishing; it’s about using powerful weapons. Your choice of weapon is crucial because different guns offer different firepower levels. Whether you want quick shots or heavy artillery, your decision affects your gameplay.

Adjusting Your Bet

Before you start shooting, you must set your bet. Royal Fishing provides various betting options to suit every player’s preference. Whether you prefer small bets for a relaxed pace or large bets for potential big rewards, aligning your bet with your strategy is crucial. Smaller bets offer a slower game, while larger ones can lead to more significant rewards.

Betting and Paylines in Royal Fishing

In the Royal Fishing Shooting Game, knowing how to place your bet and understand paylines is crucial for success.

Placing Your Bet:

  • In this game, there are different choices for how much you want to bet, catering to different player preferences.
  • You can bet as little as 0.1 or as much as 100 in various game rooms.
  • Think about your betting strategy and pick the room that fits your style.

Now that you’ve learned about putting in your bet and paylines, let’s move on to the next important step in your Royal Fishing journey.

Choosing Your Gaming Area in Royal Fishing

The Royal Fishing Game provides a range of fun options with its different game rooms. There are four special game areas to pick from, each giving a different experience designed for various likes and abilities:

  • Joy Hall (Bets: 0.1-10): Joy Hall is great for beginners, with really low minimum and maximum bet choices. This area has special high-paying challenges called Immortal Bosses that pop up from time to time. With bets starting from 0.1 and going up to 10 per shot, players can keep their losses in check and enjoy playing for a longer time.
  • Regal Hall (Bets: 1-80): Regal Hall is a middle-level spot, perfect for players with some experience. It offers relatively low minimum bets and features Immortal Bosses and Dragon Wrath for extra excitement. Players can place bets between 1 and 80 per shot in this area.
  • Qian Long Hall (Bets: 10-100): Qian Long Hall is designed for more seasoned players who enjoy a challenge. It’s the most packed with features, including Immortal Bosses, Dragon Wrath, and Chain Long King. In this hall, players can bet between 10 and 100 per shot, catering to those who like higher stakes and bigger rewards.

Each room has its own difficulties and prizes, so pick the one that matches your abilities and goals wisely.

Unveiling the Features of Royal Fishing

Unveiling the Features of Royal Fishing

The appealing game elements in Royal Fishing include Immortal Boss, Special Fish, Chainlong King, and more. Let’s explore and learn about each of them below!

Special Fish

The ocean is filled with extraordinary and strong fish that provide excellent bonus chances. Here are some of the special fish you’ll come across:

Drill Bit Lobster (20-80x)

Fire at the drill bit, and it will go through fish before exploding on its own. This explosive ending offers an opportunity to catch fish within the blast area.

Thunderbolt Lobster (Free bullets 15 sec)

Prepare for a 15-second free play when you switch to the Thunderbolt Turret for automatic shooting. There’s also a possibility to extend your free playtime, adding to the excitement.

Thunder Consecutive Hit (60x)

This unique fish releases chain lightning, shocking nearby fish until you choose to deactivate the targeting. It’s a potent tool for clearing the pond and boosting your rewards.

Serial Bomb Crab (70x)

The Serial Bomb Crab triggers a large, multiple explosion, creating chances to catch fish within the expansive radius of the blast. This can result in potentially significant rewards.

Immortal Bosses

Immortal Bosses

When the Immortal Bosses, the Golden Toad, and Ancient Crocodile, show up, players get the chance to win ongoing prizes until these powerful bosses exit. Take on the challenge and enjoy the rewards of victory.

Awaken Boss

Awaken Boss

Following the defeat of specific bosses, an Awakening Attack by the Ice Phoenix may happen, providing an opportunity to secure a substantial win. This brings an additional level of thrill to the gaming experience.

Chainlong King Wheel

Chainlong King Wheel

Catch the Chainlong King, and you’ll trigger the wheel feature. Players can choose the pointer to halt the time, unveiling a multiplier rate that can reach a maximum of 350 times. This offers a thrilling method to increase your earnings.

Summon Dragon Wrath

  1. Accumulate Power: Gain power with each shot. When it’s full, unleash Dragon Wrath for a meteorite attack in the center of the screen.
  2. Bet Proportion and Skill Power: The power bar depends on your bet size. A higher bet means a more powerful skill when released. After using power, the value resets.
  3. Timeout and Clearing Power: If you leave or disconnect for 3 minutes, the accumulated power value gets cleared.



Strategies for Success in Royal Fishing

Strategies for Achieving a Big Win in Mega Fishing

Understanding the Game Basics

Master the essential game mechanics by grasping target control, weapon selection, and bet adjustment. These are the key elements for building a successful strategy.

Choosing Your Gaming Area Wisely

As explained in the “How to Play Royal Fishing” section, pick a game room that suits your budget and strategy. It involves discovering the perfect equilibrium between taking risks and gaining rewards.

Utilizing Game Features to Your Advantage

Take advantage of unique game features like the explosive lobster, Lightning Lobster, Lightning Chain, or Exploding Crab. They can help clear the pond and enhance your chances of winning.

Focusing on Special Fish

Give priority to targeting special fish such as the Drill Bit Lobster, Thunderbolt Lobster, Thunder Consecutive Hit, and Serial Bomb Crab. They offer great bonus opportunities to boost your winnings.

Boss Battles for Big Rewards

Participate in battles against Sea Lords, Immortal Bosses (Golden Toad & Ancient Crocodile), and Awaken Boss (Ice Phoenix). These challenges may be tough but come with substantial rewards.

Utilizing Dragon Wrath

The Dragon Wrath skill can be a game-changer. Accumulate wrath value by shooting and unleash the meteorite attack when it’s full. Utilizing this can remove a substantial part of the screen, paving the way for substantial rewards.

Strategic Betting

Adjust your bets based on your gameplay strategy. Higher bets offer larger rewards but also come with increased risk. Find the betting balance that suits your comfort level and objectives.

Practice and Patience

Achieving success in Royal Fishing may require practice. Get familiar with the game’s rhythms and intricacies, and stay patient and persistent in your pursuit of big wins.

Staying Updated

Keep track of game updates and special events. Royal Fishing often introduces new features and opportunities, and staying informed can give you an edge over other players.


To enhance your chances of winning, focus on mastering the game mechanics, strategically choose your game room, and target special fish for bonus opportunities.

The Chainlong King is crucial as capturing it activates the Chainlong King Wheel feature, providing an opportunity to multiply your winnings significantly.

Accumulate wrath value by shooting, and when the bar is full, unleash the Dragon Wrath for a meteorite attack. This can clear a substantial area, leading to massive rewards.

Immortal Bosses, such as the Golden Toad and Ancient Crocodile, offer substantial rewards. Engage in boss battles when they appear, but be prepared for a challenge.

Adjust your bets thoughtfully, aligning them with your overall gameplay strategy. Higher bets offer larger rewards but also come with increased risk. Success is dependent on striking the appropriate balance.


In conclusion, playing Royal Fishing at Betso88 offers a thrilling underwater adventure filled with unique features and opportunities for big wins. Mastering game mechanics, strategically choosing game rooms, and leveraging special fish and skills are key to success. With a balance of strategy, patience, and a bit of luck, players can dive into a rewarding experience and enjoy the excitement of the ocean depths. So, cast your line, aim carefully, and reel in the excitement at Betso88’s Royal Fishing!

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