Mega Fishing Explored | From Bets to Big Catches

Mega Fishing is a cool game on the internet where you shoot fish, and it’s made by JILI Gaming. It’s kinda like another game called Jackpot Fishing. In this game, there are lots of sea animals you can shoot, like this big octopus that brings a special wheel. If you’re lucky, you can win really big prizes with it. When you shoot weird fish, like crabs that explode, cool things happen in the game.

Mega Fishing

In Mega Fishing, you get to check out this awesome underwater world and find 27 different kinds of sea animals. If you shoot the super big boss, the mega octopus, you get this wheel of fortune that can give you huge bonuses. The game has lots of prizes and ways to shoot, with cool-looking fish, awesome guns, and a ton of gold coins that make the game super fun.

Mega Fishing has times when you eat stuff and times when you have to shoot. It’s not hard to be a winner, and you shouldn’t wait when you see lots of fish showing up all the time. Just go for it!

Mega Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide to Big Catches

Mega Fishing A Beginner's Guide to Big Catches



To enjoy Mega Fishing, first, grasp how the game works. Start by placing your bet and choosing the paylines. Then, pick the game room you want. Follow our simple guide to get the hang of playing Mega Fishing!

Game Mechanics Explained

Mega Fishing uses different game features that make the game interesting. Learning about these features will make your gaming experience better. Here are the key concepts to grasp.

Auto-Shoot Feature (Target Control)

Shooting individual fish manually is unnecessary in Mega Fishing. The game has an auto-shoot option that targets and shoots at fish automatically as they swim across the screen. This makes the game easier, letting you focus on making smart decisions.

Choose Your Weapon

To catch more valuable fish in Mega Fishing, you can pick different weapons that have special abilities.

Adjust Your Bet

In Mega Fishing, you can change how much you want to bet based on what you like and how much risk you’re comfortable with. If you bet more, you could win bigger prizes. But it’s crucial to find a balance between your bet and what you have to make sure you can keep playing the game.

Setting Your Bet and Choosing Lines

Before you start Mega Fishing, you have to decide how much you want to bet. The game gives you different options so that everyone, no matter how much money they have, can play. Here are the rooms you can choose from and how much you can bet in each one:

  • Newbie Room: Best for people who are just starting, and you can bet between 0.1 and 10.
  • Honor Room: Made for those who want to win big prizes, and you can bet between 1 and 100.
  • Joy Room: The most liked room, where you can bet between 0.1 and 50.

Choose the room that fits what you like and how much money you have. Then, get set for an exciting fishing trip!

Picking the Game Room

To make sure playing Mega Fishing is fun and gives you good prizes, there are different rooms with different difficulty levels and rewards. Each room is for different types of players. Here’s a rapid overview of the rooms..

  • Newbie Room: Great for people just starting. It helps you learn the game and get better. The bets here are not too high, making it easier to start playing Mega Fishing.
  • Honor Room: If you want a big challenge and a chance to win more, this is the room for you. The bets are higher, so it tests how well you can shoot and gives you the chance to win big prizes.
  • Joy Room: This is the room that most people like. It’s in the middle, not too hard or too easy. The bets are just right, making the game exciting and fun for Mega Fishing fans.

Pick the room that you like and start your Mega Fishing adventure. Catch important fish and win cool prizes!

Reeling in Riches: Mega Fishing’s Feature Extravaganza

Reeling in Riches Mega Fishing's Feature Extravaganza

Mega Fishing has lots of cool features like Special Fish, Special Weapons, Giant Prize Fish, and the Mega Octopus Wheel. Let’s find out about each of them!

Special Fish

Mega Fishing brings in special fish for more fun and chances to win prizes. Check out these special fish and what happens when they’re caught!

  • Starfish (60x): When a Starfish is gone, it makes a swirl of water around it. This swirl might catch and get rid of other fish nearby, giving you a chance to win more prizes.
  • Bomb Crab (70x): After a Bomb Crab is taken out, it throws three bombs into the stage. These bombs can catch and get rid of other fish in the explosions, making it more likely for you to get valuable rewards.
  • Drill Crab (20x-80x): When a Drill Crab is defeated, it drops a drill onto the stage. The drill bounces around, causing chaos and catching fish in its path and final explosion. Use this moment to increase your winnings.

Special Weapons

In Mega Fishing, you get special weapons that help you catch more fish and do better in the game. These weapons have special things about them that can give you more rewards. Let’s check out what special weapons you can use!

  • Torpedoes: In Mega Fishing, shooting torpedoes costs 6 times your bet. It’s a bit more expensive, but it helps you catch fish better. Use torpedoes wisely to go after the big, high-value fish.
  • Railgun: The railgun is a strong weapon in Mega Fishing, but it costs 15 times your bet to use. When you shoot a fish with it, you might start a chain lightning effect that can catch more fish nearby. If the fish you hit is a Drill Crab, you get the most rewards possible.
  • Free Thunderbolt: While you play and shoot fish in the game, you collect energy. When the energy meter is full, you can use a powerful thunderbolt attack that hits a big area. This attack helps you catch lots of fish and get big rewards. Just remember, the energy you collect depends on your bet, and it goes away after you use it or if the game disconnects.

Giant Prize Fish

Giant Prize Fish

In Mega Fishing, if you catch special fish, you get more chances to win and can even get five times your winnings. This makes the game more fun and gives you a shot at bigger rewards.

Immortal Boss

Immortal Boss

In Mega Fishing, when you meet the Immortal Boss, keep shooting it to keep winning rewards. The more you attack, the more rewards you can gather and increase what you earn.

Awakened Boss

Awakened Boss

After beating the Giant Crocodile in Mega Fishing, it wakes up and gets aggressive, attacking other fish. The more fish it catches, the more rewards you get. Use your shooting skills to make the most of this exciting feature.

Mega Octopus Wheel

Mega Octopus Wheel

The Mega Octopus Wheel is a thrilling bonus round in Mega Fishing that brings excitement and the chance for significant rewards. Here’s how it works:

  1. After beating the octopus, you get to spin the wheel.
  2. The wheel shows a number when it stops spinning, and you win that much more. This helps you get bigger rewards.
  3. If you’re really lucky and the wheel stops on the GOLDEN WHEEL, you can spin again. If you get the GOLDEN WHEEL, you might win up to 950 times more, giving you a chance for really huge winnings.

Mega Fishing keeps players interested with its exciting features, giving them lots of chances to win great rewards.


Happy Fishing Paytable

Strategies for Achieving a Big Win in Mega Fishing

Learn How the Game Works

Get to know the Mega Fishing game by understanding things like how to aim, pick weapons, and change your bet. Knowing these things helps you make smart choices while playing.

Focus on Special Fish

Keep an eye out for special fish in Mega Fishing, like the Starfish, Bomb Crab, and Drill Crab. These fish do special things when you catch them, giving you more rewards and better chances to win. Try to catch these special fish whenever you can.

Use Special Weapons Wisely

Take advantage of special weapons in Mega Fishing, like torpedoes and railguns. These weapons help you catch important fish better. Use them smartly based on the situation and the fish on the screen.

Get the Most from Giant Prize Fish

When you catch a special fish in Mega Fishing, you can win more in a row and even multiply your winnings by up to five times. Focus on catching these special fish to get more rewards.

Target Immortal Boss

Keep attacking the Immortal Boss in Mega Fishing whenever it shows up. Keep at it until it leaves the stage, and you’ll get more rewards and make more money. Go for the Immortal Boss to improve your chances of winning.

Master the Awakened Boss

After you beat the Giant Crocodile in Mega Fishing, it wakes up and starts attacking other fish. Try to catch as many fish as possible to get more rewards and have a better chance of winning big.

Spin the Mega Octopus Wheel

When you beat the octopus in Mega Fishing, you can spin the Mega Octopus Wheel. The wheel gives you a number that multiplies your winnings. If you get the GOLDEN WHEEL, you can spin again and maybe get a huge multiplier of up to 950 times.

Practice and Improve Your Skills

Just like any game, you get better at Mega Fishing with practice. Play regularly, learn about the different fish, and get better at shooting. With practice, you’ll get really good and have a better chance of winning.


Use your device’s controls to adjust your aim. Simply tap or swipe to aim at the fish you want to shoot.

The Golden Wheel is a special feature that multiplies your winnings. It’s a rare chance you get when spinning the Mega Octopus Wheel.

Yes, Mega Fishing is mobile-friendly. Download the game app or play directly on your mobile browser for on-the-go fishing fun.

To adjust your bet, find the bet settings in the game. Modify the bet according to your choice.

Beating the Immortal Boss in Mega Fishing earns you continuous rewards. Keep shooting it until it leaves the stage to accumulate more rewards.


Playing Mega Fishing at Betso88 is a thrilling experience filled with exciting challenges and opportunities for big wins. The game’s unique features, such as special fish, special weapons, and the Mega Octopus Wheel, add layers of excitement to the gameplay. By mastering the game mechanics, targeting special fish, and strategically using special weapons, players can enhance their chances of success. The immersive underwater world, coupled with the potential for consecutive wins and substantial rewards, makes Mega Fishing at Betso88 a must-try for both beginners and seasoned players alike.

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