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You can read about the game and play a free version of the Super Ace slot machine at Betso88 Online Casino. It has five reels and four rows. It was made by Jili. Your chance to win is 96.90% on all 1024 slots, and the game is moderately volatile. Let’s begin our exciting journey through the Super Ace Slot Game for free demo and real money!

super ace slot

Game Rules

super ace slot game rules

It’s not like playing any other online slot game machine; Super Ace takes you on a trip into the unknown. Super Ace has become a player choice thanks to its many features, beautiful graphics, and smooth gameplay.

There are 1024 ways to win on this video slot, which has five reels and four rows.

For all wins, the wheels that are next to each other from left to right payout.

During the game, any symbols that win will “flip” over again. As soon as the “flip” happens, new symbols will show to replace the winning ones. This can happen again and again for more wins. 

If there are still no winning symbols after the game is re-evaluated, the person will get the amount they won last time.

Pay x Lines x Bet = Winnings.

Misfunction takes away both pay and play. Below are the sample paylines for your ideas.

Golden Card

golden card

“Golden Card” will only show up on reels 2, 3, and 4.

After being eliminated, the “Golden Symbol” will flip over and change into the “Joker Symbol.”

“Golden Symbol” takes the place of “Normal Symbol” and gets rid of it.

Joker Card

joker card

The “Joker Symbol” can only change from the “Golden Symbol” of removal.

There are two types of “Joker Cards”: “Big Joker Card” and “Little Joker Card.”

When the “Big Joker Symbol” lands on reels 2 through 5, it will randomly change one to four other symbols (except the Scatter and Joker Symbol).

When you land on the “Little Joker Symbol,” the “Golden Symbol” changes into the “Joker Symbol” only.

“Joker Symbol” can be used instead of any other sign except Scatter.

Combo Multiplier

combo multiplier

As in the game, “The Combo Multiplier” has four levels, which are x1, x2, x3, and x5.

The “Combo Multiplier” increases all wins and payouts.

“Combo Multiplier” starts at x1 for the first round of wins and pays.

After any wins are wiped out, the “Combo Multiplier” goes up to x2 and pays out at the multiplier level of x1.

After all wins are taken away, the “Combo Multiplier” goes up to x3 and pays out at the x2 multiplier level.

After all wins are taken away, the “Combo Multiplier” goes up to x5 and pays out at the x3 multiplier level.

The “Combo Multiplier” goes back to x1 if there are no wins before the next spin.

Free Game

free game

Getting three or more “Scatters” will start the Free Game, which gives you ten free spins.

In Free Game, “The Combo Multiplier” has four levels: x2, x4, x6, and x10.

No changes were made to the rules of Free Game; the only thing that was changed was the “Combo Multiplier” number.

If you get three or more “Scatter” symbols during the free game, you’ll get an extra five free spins that you can stack.

Super Ace Slot Game Paytable

super ace slot paytable

Play Super Ace Slot Machine for Real Money at Betso88

play super ace slot

Registering at Betso88 is the first step toward an exciting gaming adventure when you want to play Super Ace Slot Machine for real money. Participants can quickly join the fun because the registration process is simple and easy to use. Just go to the Betso88 website and find the page where players can register or sign up. Fill in the necessary information, such as your name, address, and the method of payment you prefer for easy transactions. After signing up, you can discover Super Ace’s wide range of games, pick your favorite slot machine, and enjoy the thrill of playing for real money. 

Betso88 not only gives you a safe place to play games but also lets you get special bonuses and prizes that make your Super Ace experience even more exciting. Sign up for Betso88 today and dive into the world of online slots, where you can win real money and enjoy the heart-pounding thrills of Super Ace.


Super Ace’s bonus rounds are diverse, offering a range of multiple symbol payouts up to 5x for every spin.

Yes, the game functions on both desktop computers and mobile devices, so players who are always on the go can play.

The minimum bet is 1 peso per spin, which is generally affordable and caters to players with different budgets.


Super Ace employs advanced technology, including RNG, to guarantee fairness and unpredictability, ensuring that every player has an equal chance at success. The mobile compatibility further enhances accessibility, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite slots on the go. As online casinos continue to change the way people play games, Super Ace is a great example of what’s possible in the ever-changing world of online slots.

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